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Welcome to the Himalayas

The Himalayas. The name alone conjures up an aura of majesty and mystery. Craggy, jagged snow-capped peaks, narrow valleys; wind-whipped Buddhist prayer flags flapping in narrow mountain passes; grazing yaks, mule trains; saffron-clad monks and chants … Everything that you have heard is real; nothing that you have heard can prepare you for the magnificence of experiencing it firsthand.

The countries that contain the Himalayas - or more accurately, “that are contained within the Himalayas” – Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, India – share the exotic mystique. Once, not very long ago, only the most intrepid adventurer or multi-millionaire would have access to this isolated part of the world. For the rest of us, it was as inaccessible as a journey to Mars. We could only gaze at the photographs and read the articles in the National Geographic magazine or some mountaineering journal. Happily, this is no longer the case.

Trek and Tours, owned and operated by the experienced Sherpas of the Himalaya, offers a wide range of unique trekking and tours trips throughout the Himalayan region. The more sedentary tourist can opt for a city tour that will include the chance to shop the market and back-street bazaars as well as learn about the culture and heritage of this exciting part of the world. The more adventurous can take a multi-day white water rafting trip through a panorama of stark canyon cliffs, terraced fields and isolated villages that have changed little over the past millennium. Tours to observe religious pilgrimages and learn about the unique Buddhist culture can be combined with a jungle safari on elephants. One can hike a day, a fortnight or a month, walking along dirt paths that connect small villages that have never known motorized transport. The more experienced mountaineers can challenge themselves and add to their life list by being part of an expedition to summit one or several of the eight highest mountains in the world. The choice is yours.

Trek and Tours offers Fixed departure trips from Easy to Challenging grade  as well as customized, private trips as per your requirement. Quality service and travel assistance is what Trek and Tours is aim for and guarantees that every travel packages Trek and Tours offer are of reasonable price without sacrificing the quality of service, and the enjoyment that you will experience.

Besides this, Trek and Tours other goal is focused on helping local community in Nepal by providing livelihood, assisting under privileged children with their education and giving back to them by sharing the blessings. Trek and Tours strongly believe that every business should be committed into helping their neighborhood and society as they would not be there without the support and help of their own community.

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