How to be a catalyst for change during your time in Nepal?

Child LabourNumerous companies offer excursions that bring their clients in contact with local Nepali people, but only one - Trek and Tours - creates and facilitates the opportunity to make a permanent impact on the life of a local child. Through our Child education Sponsorship Program, all Trek and Tours clients have the chance to help a Nepali child access education, thus breaking the stifling cycle of poverty that has condemned so many. Lasting connections are made to and through a child. It feels good to help another; the giver becomes a receiver as a deeper understanding of the culture and people of Nepal is attained through our program. It costs minimum $250/year to cover the educational expenses and health insurance for a child. Sixtey-five cents/day - is all it takes to help a child to open the door to their future.

Trek and Tours is highly committed to this valuable program and to expanding it in the years to come. Our children are our future. Without universal access to education, they will not be able to lead the next generation. Sadly, the reality is that many Nepali children - especially in rural areas - have no opportunity to be schooled, due to financial barriers. In a modest, one-person-at-a-time approach, this is what we are seeking to change.

Everyone who participates in an excursion with Trek and Tours has the opportunity to help sponsor a child. If you are able to contribute more than the $250 required to cover the cost of a year of school, you are welcome to do so. If you can contribute on an annual basis, please do. If you cannot afford the full $250 per year, you are welcome to contribute a smaller amount, which would be put towards a child’s school supplies or other expenses. Alternatively, your donation could be paired with another sponsor’s to help cover a year of schooling. If you are interested in contributing to our child sponsorship program but are not participating in one of our tour packages, please contact us - we can also facilitate this process. Contributions can be made as an individual, a company, a group, or any other sponsorship arrangements you wish to discuss with us.

During your time in Nepal, we can organize a visit with the child who you are sponsoring and their family. This will give you a chance to get to know each other and see the community they live in. By adhering to our policies and guidelines regarding child sponsorship, Trek and Tours ensures the safety of all involved. We will see to it that funds are allocated responsibly and ethically.

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