Your Help and Our Goal


How your little help can help child’s dreams to have a life in all its fullness will start fulfilling:


Experiencing the fullness of life, happiness and contentment to both sponsor, sponsored child and families
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Sponsor will experience heartfelt satisfaction through helping children to achieve their dreams of education.
-Children will start fulfilling their dreams and hope to have an education and physical fit through the help coming from the sponsors.
-Sponsored child family will lessen their burden on educating their children resulted to have more time to work for their food and other basic needs.
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From $250 yearly, you can sponsor a child’s education up to the 10th grade and ensure their good health



The table explain the company’s logical framework of it goal in promoting country’s tourism and child sponsorship.

  Tourist / Sponsor Sponsored child and family Trek and Tours
Goal (long term impact)
  • Behavioral change among people to be nice, helpful, giver and appreciate the goodness of life.
  • Decrease country’s illiteracy rate.
  • Children enjoy the benefits of education and experience the fullness of life.
  • Opens employment opportunity.
  • Contributes in promoting country’s tourism.
  • More tourist visit Nepal.
  • Appreciate the art of giving and sponsorship.
  • Have a once in a lifetime tour experience in Nepal.
  • Open connection with the people, culture and children in Nepal.
  • Increase number of clients / tourist to avail the tour package.
  • 100% of committed sponsors continue to sponsor the child until the 10th grade.
  • Finished 10th grade education.
  • Lessen parents/family burdens on their child education.
  • More people employed as tour guides.
  • Contributes to economic prosperity of the country.