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The Himalayas.  The name alone conjures up an aura of majesty and mystery.  Craggy, jagged snow-capped peaks, narrow valleys; wind-whipped Buddhist prayer flags flapping in narrow mountain passes; grazing yaks, mule trains; saffron-clad monks and chants …  Everything that you have heard is real; nothing that you have heard can prepare you for the magnificence of experiencing it firsthand.

The countries that contain the Himalayas — or more accurately, “that are contained within the Himalayas” – Nepal, Bhutan, India – share the exotic mystique.  Once, not very long ago, only the most intrepid adventurer or multi-millionaire would have access to this isolated part of the world.  For the rest of us, it was as inaccessible as a journey to Mars.  We could only gaze at the photographs and read the articles in the National Geographic magazine or some mountaineering journal.  Happily, this is no longer the case.

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Featured Trips

16 Day Annapurna Circuit Trek

The Annapurna Circuit Trek is truly a “life memory experience”. This 12-day trek (over an 16-day period) will offer a steady strea......

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17 Day Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek

This journey explores one of the most famous regions of the world – the Everest region of Nepal. Mount Everest is the crown jewel ......

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10 Day Bhutan Journey to Druk-Yul

Journey to Druk Yul offers the Paro sightseeing and Thimpu which exhibits the unique landscapes, monasteries, dzongs and monuments......

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12 Day Pikey Everest View Trek

“Mount Everest is the crown jewel of a range of numerous 8000+ meter (26,000+ feet) snow-covered peaks. The area is a paradise for......

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12 Day Pristine Langtang Valley Trek

‘The only trek  which is the closest approach to get to the extraordinary views of the Himalayas, rich heritage and Himalaya......

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22 Day Island Peak Climbing

When Pooh Bear was asked whether he would prefer honey or molasses, he replied, “Yes thank you, that would be nice”.  In that spir......

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9 Day Highlights of Nepal

Our 9-day tour offers a carefully selected tableau that highlights the very best of Nepal. We will see and experience the wide div......

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20 Day Mt. Everest Circuit Trek

Complete Guided Trip This journey explores one of the most famous regions of the world – the Everest region of Nepal and takes you......

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16 Day Annapurna Base Camp Trek

“A perfect trek to smoothen your mind and soul if you are exhausted with your routine life. This is an opportunity to see th......

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